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 Tetrabutylammonium bromide
Product No. DRBC003 Product picture  
Production Name Tetrabutylammonium bromide CAS NO 1643-19-2
Simple Name   Production Category Bromide Compound
Molecular Formula C16H36BrN Molecular weight  322.37
Hazard Class N.R Packing Group N/A UN No. N/A
Tax Drawback 13% HS No. 2921990.90
Quality index
Item Specification
Appearance White crystal
Main content % ≥99.0%
Free amine mg .KOH ≤0.40%
Acid mg .KOH ≤0.30%
Water content % ≤0.30%
Application and method of use:It is used as intermediates of organic synthesis and phase transfer catalyst.
Chemical properties The purity is white crystal or powder with special odor.Soluble in water, alcohol and acetone.Melting point: 103-104 ℃.It is stable in normal temperature and pressure .

Kraft paper bags, 25 kg/bag

storage conditions & shelf life Store the production in a cool and dry place, and keep it sealed away from light. Shelf life:2 years
The main raw material and production process Please contact with the salesman

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