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 Diphenyl oxide/DPO
Product No. DROT001 Product picture
Production Name Diphenyl oxide CAS NO 101-84-8
Simple Name Diphenyl oxide Production Category others
Molecular Formula C12H10O Molecular weight 170.21
Hazard Class 9 Packing Group UN No. 3077
Tax Drawback 13% HS No. 29093090.90
Quality index
Item Specification
COLOR(APHA) 20 30 50
crystallization point ℃≥ 26.5
moisture(%)≥ 0.03 0.04 0.05
ASSAY(%)≥ 99.8 99.5 99.0
PHENYL(%)≤ 0.005 0.010 0.020
CHLORIDEng/u≤ 10 20 40
Application and method of use:It is widely used in heating medium such as heat transfer oil, foaming agent, ten pbdes, synthetic resin, spices and other production.
Chemical properties This product is a colorless crystalline or liquid with eucalyptus oil odor.Soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, benzene and glacial acetic acid, insoluble in water, inorganic acid solution and alkali solution.
Packing Packed in galvanized iron drum, net weight 200 kg,230kg
storage conditions & shelf life Store it in a cool, ventilated warehouse.Keep it away from fire and heat source.It should be stored apart with oxidant.Avoid mixed reservoir.Equipped with corresponding varieties and number of fire equipment. Shelf life:2 years
The main raw material and production process Please contact with the salesman

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